Levantina has every kind of natural and synthetic surface to produce countertops and vanity tops at the cutting edge of interior design.

Levantina’s range of products include the most exotic granites from India, Brazil and Africa, as well as Spanish marbles and also quartz and porcelain surfaces, which meet the different needs of every kind of consumer. Under the Naturamia® Collection brand it is sold the most exotic stones on the market, carefully treated to provide optimum use in the kitchen. Levantina entered the porcelain countertop sector with Techlam® countertops, a product which is revolutionising the countertop sector. If you prefer a quartz surface, Levantina sells the Quartzia® brand worldwide.


The kitchen is the space where countertops are so important as a work surface. It is essential to find materials which are scratch resistant, do not burn and which retain their original colours over time. Find out about the Levantina collections which are specially designed for your kitchen.

  • The best surfaces for your kitchen

  • Kitchens with natural beauty

  • Inalterable countertops


Bring natural beauty into your bathroom with Levantina products. Low porosity surfaces which are perfect for spaces which have to be cleaned every day. Marbles, granites, travertines, porcelain or quartz are the different solutions which Levantina offers to make your vanity top the hardest-wearing surface which is also the most beautiful of all.

  • Bathrooms with personality

  • Natural sophistication

Find out about the products for countertops and vanity tops

Levantina chooses the best natural and synthetic products for use in kitchen countertops and vanity tops.

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