Interior Walls

Fashionable interiors tiled with Levantina’s most exclusive products. Interior walls with their own personality which make any space unique and exclusive.

The use of Natural Stone and porcelain for tiling interiors is becoming more common as they are products whose colours give a feeling of warmth and are easy to look after. Marble and travertine, in their different finishes and textures, can be used to create items which are both minimalist and also aesthetically pleasing. Granite with its sinuous patterns and mother of pearl incrustations, become almost artistic murals where a natural product is raised to its maximum expression. Limestones, sandstones, and slates, materials which are widely used in exteriors, are finding their niche in the design of interiors, giving a sophisticated feel to spaces which would have otherwise been rather clinical. Finally, Techlam®, Levantina’s large-format, thin porcelain is the perfect material to tile walls without any building work.

  • Bathrooms with infinite walls

  • Walls with their own personality

  • Interiors inspired by nature

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