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TECHLAM® Solaris

The latest technological innovation in Levantina is called TECHLAM® Solaris. A project that was carried out with the collaboration of one of the leading companies in the sector of renewable energies, Soliker/Grupounisolar.


TECHLAM® Solaris was presented by LEVANTINA at the 2010 Alfa de Oro Prizes, organized by the Spanish Society for Ceramics and Glass during the last International Cevisama Trade Fair. 


It deals with a photovoltaic module composed of a TECHLAM® tile stuck to a glass sheet with a fine layer of hydrogenated Silica all of which has a total thickness of only 6.5 millimeters and a weight of 15kg/m2. 


The innovation that this technology presents is the use of amorphous silicon in a thin layer that perfectly combines in the ceramic TECHLAM® tile a silicon layer necessary for the production of electric energy, avoiding the undesired esthetic effects of the solar cells adhered to ceramic. 


In addition, this semi-transparent silicon layer allows the color of the used ceramic support to be appreciated. This, bonded to the fine thickness of the modules, that corresponds with the thickness of the TECHLAM® ceramic pieces used in ventilated facades, permits a perfect architectural integration of these photovoltaic modules with a ceramic support in combination with TECHLAM® ceramic pieces. 


The advantages that TECHLAM® Solaris contributes to the market are in addition, meticulous with respect to the environment (since it reduces the CO2 emission of the building in order to self-generate part of its energetic consumption), a great durability, better behavior with respect to shade, a low-weight capacity and no maintenance.


TECHLAM® Solaris is definitively Levantina’s ecological contribution to the construction of sustainable buildings. 


It does not need specific maintenance after its installation.

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