The Transport Terms and Conditions are part of the sales contract with Levantina. They include the terminology used as well as the obligations of the parties in order to achieve successful shipments.

Levantina has a strong logistics service which manages more than 150.000 deliveries per year in all kinds of modes and means of transport. If you need competitive, effective and safe transport the professionals in Levantina’s logistics team can help you to carry it out properly.
The logistics and transport department also has a level of technical knowledge and can advise you on complex customs procedures and requirements, incoterms, packaging or any matter relating to logistics so that the purchasing experience is as pleasant as possible and that everything goes smoothly.
Once the order has been made, the logistics department will be able to coordinate with you or your haulage company the time and conditions of loading, or delivery, anticipating any difficulty and providing you with the means and information you need to carry out the shipment correctly. Levantina normal shipments are usually by road, container, bulk cargo in the ship’s hold, air-freight or by rail. Levantina is also an Authorised Economic Operator and has a lot of experience in customs warehouses and procedures.

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The Transport Terms and Conditions are part of the sales contract with Levantina Group.




Levantina has seven production plants strategically placed in the most important Natural Stone spots in Spain and Brazil.



Innovation is a key element in Levantina’s strategy, investing considerable amounts in R+D+I aimed at providing innovative solutions in line with the latest market trends, using the most advanced technology.