10th Anniversary Techlam

10 July 2017

Techlam was born 10 years ago. We want to involve all the customers who have made this anniversary possible, because it is a source of pride and joy.

Levantina was a pioneering company in Spain in installing a manufacturing plant for a product as innovative and spectacular as this very thin, large-format porcelain material.

Porcelain panels measuring 3x1 m yet only 3 mm thick! In 2007 we launched the single-colour collection, which very gradually grew and progressed until this newborn product began to shine with a light of its own, expanding and drawing the attention of architects and designers.

We wish to especially acknowledge our customers, who took a chance on a new product in which everything was yet to be discovered. Levantina trained architects, designers and installers in a clear commitment to innovation in the world of decoration and architecture, embarking on reforms that barely required building works, shortening installation times thanks to its large format, reducing joints for an aesthetic appearance and contributing a design solution.

Not everyone can boast of achieving the 10-year milestone, as a brand and as a product, and LEVANTINA has succeeded in doing so with this product, a tremendous source of pride for us.


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