Crema Marfil Coto® Colour

Crema Marfil Coto® is the best cream marble in the world. A jewel of nature selected in Levantina’s own quarry in Pinoso, Alicante.

The selection of the best quality, the uniformity of the veining and a pale colour range capable of adapting to everything. These are the aesthetic criteria that have taken this marble to the Olympian heights of light beige-coloured marble. Furthermore, its resistance to impact, to frost and to the infiltration of liquids has no equal in any other Natural Stone. This is why Crema Marfil Coto® marble forms part of the best architecture and interior design projects worldwide. Levantina’s renowned cream marble is always put through a stringent selection process to satisfy the most exacting demands.


Adaptable to any style, remaining unaltered over time but with a silky touch and magnificent qualities: Crema Marfil Coto®, the quintessential cream marble.

  • Inalterable colours that last over time

  • Resistant to fire and heat

  • Luminosity (LRV)

All the advantages

All the applications of Crema Marfil Coto®

The use of Crema Marfil Coto® has no limitations: interior floors, wall cladding or countertops all bring its special charm to light.

Crema Marfil Coto® and its applications


The surface of this Natural Stone permits any type of finish, although the polished one is particularly outstanding for its spectacular mirror effect.



The most characteristic finish, one that achieves an inimitable effect that reflects light and objects like a mirror.



This finish gives the stone greater character and prominence when laid. It reflects the light, but with lower reflection. The surface is smooth.



A special treatment gives it a texture that enhances the natural properties of the stone and the aesthetic force of its seams. The surface is somewhat irregular.

Bush Hammered

Bush Hammered

Thanks to this finish, the resulting product has a rough effect and a rugged touch, perfect for making this product more resilient in exteriors.

Ambiences in Crema Marfil Coto®

The essence of the Mediterranean

Be inspired with Crema Marfil Coto®


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