The warm essences of the Mediterranean come together in Niwala Pink limestone. A Natural Stone with all the power of the desert shale.

The intense rose colour of Niwala Pink limestone is the key to its beauty. This colour, so difficult to find in the field of Natural Stone, makes this material a sure-fire choice for projects where originality and elegance are the fundamental premises. Niwala Pink transforms exterior paving into an attractive focal point, creating surfaces that remain unaltered under outdoor conditions and display a magnificent textured beauty. The rose colour of its rugged skin generates evocative effects when combined with lush plants, the limpid sheet of water created by a swimming pool and the intense blue of a sky riven by clouds. Born to surprise, Niwala Pink is a key element in decking out exteriors with personality.


Limestones and sandstones stand out for their porosity, which gives them non-slip properties. Their chromatic variety also allows them to adapt to very different projects. They are suitable for incorporating anti-graffiti and self-cleaning treatments.

  • Inalterable colours that last over time

  • Simple care and maintenance

  • Resistance to fire and heat

All the advantages of sandstone and limestone

All the applications of limestones and sandstones

These natural stones stand out for their porosity, which gives them non-slip properties. Furthermore, their chromatic variety allows them to adapt to widely different projects.

Limestones and sandstones and their applications


The surface of these stones permits a surface treatment to make it softer to the touch.


This finish gives the stone greater character and prominence when laid. It reflects the light, but with lower reflection. The surface is smooth.

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