Easy to combine, the sun-toasted colour of Light Emperador is synonymous with refined elegance. An extraordinary material for encircling a classic ambience in aesthetic equilibrium.

Warmth and the feeling of a treasured home where you want to stay forever. The honey-coloured seams of Light Emperador marble mingle with other more toasted hues –like freshly-toasted almonds—on a lighter-coloured base. This harmonious whole is what makes this material a unique and highly versatile marble in all types of settings. Indispensable thanks to its extraordinary technical and aesthetic qualities, it is highly suitable for both colonial and ethnic decors –furnished with hardwood pieces, green plants, upholstery in natural, multi-coloured textiles—but it also looks great with bolder styles, where it adds a weighted touch of serenity and calm.


Its resilience, its extraordinary polished finish, its natural textures, variety and colour richness are only some of the qualities that have made of marble one of the materials preferred by decorators and architects.

  • Long-lasting colours

  • Resistance to fire and heat

All the advantages of marble


Marble comes in different textures, thus adapting to the different currents in interior design and architecture.


This is the most characteristic finish, achieving an inimitable effect that reflects light and objects like a mirror.


This finish gives the stone greater character and prominence when laid. It reflects the light, but with lower reflection. The surface is smooth.


A special treatment gives it a texture that enhances the natural properties of the stone and the aesthetic force of its seams. The surface is somewhat irregular.

Bush Hammered

Thanks to this finish, the resulting product has a rough effect and a rugged touch, perfect for making this product more resilient in exteriors.

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Ambiences in marble

Spaces conceived through natural beauty

Be inspired with marble


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