Lungomare is the name of this magnificent Brazilian stone: a veritable avalanche of shapes, excess and sensuality for a stylishly contemporary material.

Modern interiors sometimes suffer from an excess of minimalism and uninteresting austerity. The surfaces clad in Lungomare, the latest launch by Levantina, break up this monotony and fill even the dullest spaces with personality. This spectacular Natural Stone displays on its surface a spirit filled with movement, contradiction and challenge, revealed in the form of whimsical, changing waves that appear to be constantly moving backwards and forwards. Lungomare is the ideal material for creating spectacular kitchen countertops but also for cladding walls, where it will create murals that live up to the best contemporary artworks. Its neutral colours, dominated by the strong presence of white, allow it to fit in perfectly with every decorative style.


The bacteriostatic and anti-stain treatment the material is given as standard and the simple maintenance they require make of the stones in Naturamia® Collection a star product for kitchens and bathrooms.

  • Bacteriostatic treatment

  • Resistance to stains

All the advantages of Naturamia® Collection


The stones in the Naturamia® Collection are marketed in different finishes, giving each material a highly personal appearance. *Recomended for countertops


This is the finish that achieves an inimitable effect that reflects light and objects like a mirror.


Matt effect that gives to the surface of this marble a soft and smooth finish. *Recomended for countertops

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