Naturamia Collection® Advantages

Its high resistance to heat, the antibacterial and anti-stain treatment applied to the material as standard and the simple maintenance it requires. Naturamia® Collection advantages turn these stones into the star products for kitchens and bathrooms.

Bacteriostatic surface

All the products in the Naturamia® Collection are given a treatment in their manufacturing phase that prevents bacteria and fungi from proliferating on their surface, making this collection of natural stones the preferred option for use in kitchen countertops, where cleanliness and hygiene are fundamental when in contact with food.

  • Bacteriostatic treatment

    All slabs in Naturamia® Collection have been given an antibacterial treatment that prevents the growth of bacteria.

  • Resistance to stains

    Its low porosity makes this material resistant to stains, with anti-graffiti properties.


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