Dark brushstrokes on a light background. The magnificent veining of Portobello/Super White sketches a stony map on a flawless blank canvas.

The veining acquires greater or lesser thickness, narrows and widens, intertwines and separates in beautiful courses to shape the fractured surface of Portobello/Super White countertops. Its dazzling beauty is greatly appreciated in avant-garde kitchens and bathrooms, especially in its polished gloss version with bevelled or straight-angled edges. In ambiences with a more traditional aesthetic, the choice of curved edges makes for a much softer result and favours its integration into the interior decor. This stone, which hails from Brazil, gives back a soothing sensation of great chromatic balance and this is one of its major benefits.


The bacteriostatic and anti-stain treatment the material is given as standard and the simple maintenance they require make of the stones in Naturamia® Collection a star product for kitchens and bathrooms.

  • Bacteriostatic treatment

  • Resistance to stains

All the advantages of Naturamia® Collection

All the applications of Naturamia® Collection

The Natural Stone series by Naturamia® Collection are designed especially for use in kitchen and bathroom countertops.

Naturamia® Collection and its applications


The stones in the Naturamia® Collection are marketed in different finishes, giving each material a highly personal appearance.


This is the finish that achieves an inimitable effect that reflects light and objects like a mirror.

Ambiences in Naturamia® Collection

Kitchens and bathrooms that transmit sensations

Be inspired with Naturamia® Collection

Discover the colours of Naturamia® Collection

Colours of exotic beauty make this selection of stones the preferred choice by decorators and interior designers.

  • Lennon

  • Lennon Gold

  • Aquabella

  • Feratto

  • Barocco

  • Stromboli

  • Belvedere

  • Cheyenne

  • Calacatta Boheme

  • Portobello/Super White

  • White Macaubas

  • Olimpo

  • Perla Venata

  • Alaska/White Ice

  • Warwick Rubí

  • Bianco Trevi

  • Staccato

  • Amarula

  • Verde Lara

  • Sahara Nights

  • Dolomiti


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