Pavex Advantages

Its resistance to flexion, its durability, high density, low absorbency and suitable texture for outdoor use make this the physically ideal material for such environments. Furthermore, its consistency with historic-traditional elements, its use in emblematic constructions, its resistance to weather inclemencies and the ability of its colour palette to blend into the surroundings make this the aesthetically desirable material.

Perfect for high-traffic environments

The PAVEX stone collection is characterised by its extremely high resilience, making it especially recommended for high-traffic environments such as plazas, parks or pedestrian streets. All the finishes comply with the Technical Building Code, specifically in Class C3 requirements for the use of outdoor paving. Its slipperiness index exceeds 45.

  • Non-slip

    The finishes in the PAVEX collection of stones give it non-slip properties that make it highly recommendable for exteriors.

  • High-traffic

    The PAVEX collection of stones is characterised by its extremely high resilience, making it especially recommendable in high-traffic outdoor settings such as plazas, parks and pedestrian streets.

  • Amplitude and luminosity

    The colours of these stones mean that applying them in any space leads to gaining in amplitude and volume.

  • Low absorbency

    A very low-porosity surface, making it virtually impermeable and highly resistant to weather inclemencies and damp.

  • Resistant to the passage of time

    Its high-resilience qualities make of PAVEX the perfect flooring or cladding, one that remains almost inalterable over time.

All the applications of PAVEX

A Natural Stone selection especially devised for urban areas.

PAVEX and its applications


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