Quartzia® comprises several high-quality quartz surfaces capable of remaining inalterable despite the passage of time. Using this type of material in domestic spaces is a safe option.

Compact quartz surfaces have established themselves as a solution for countertops in recent years. However, the Quartzia® catalogue continues to stand out for the myriad different references it contains, and this is both novel and special.
They are materials formed from up to 93% natural quartz, attaining a striking level of resilience and durability. They withstand unfazed the everyday use and aggression to which daily life subjects them and remain beautiful and decorative however many years may pass.
A broad repertoire of colours and models is available to choose from, with different nuances and mottling. Quartz surfaces are marketed in planks that can be cut to measure to adapt to all kinds of applications. They are available in two thicknesses, 2 and 3 cm, thus increasing their possibilities of use.
While kitchen and bathroom countertops are the most frequent application for these materials, they can be used for cladding walls and other surfaces and even for creating table tops. Quartzia® models are a terrific resource for updating any space, either in a classic or a contemporary style.

Discover the colours of Quartzia®

The range of this quartz surface includes a broad spectrum of colours as well as original textures.

  • Machiatto

  • Vaniglia

  • Polanne

  • Artic White

  • Snowfall

  • White Sand

  • Frozen Lake

  • Touareg

  • Sirocco

  • Titanio

  • Graphite

  • Midnight Black

  • Orion Q

Ambiences in Quartzia®

Minimalism expressed through quartz surfaces

Be inspired with Quartzia®
  • Strong resistance to cracking and chipping

  • High resistance to stains

  • High resistance to scratches

All the advantages


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