Techlam® ranges and colours

  • Blaze Dark
  • Blaze Grey
  • Blaze Snow

An industrial spirit envelops this Blaze Collection with overwhelming force. A collection with cold, contrast-filled surfaces.

  • Opium Black
  • Slate Ebony

For those who enjoy the nuances bestowed on us by nature, Slate Collection is admiration for one of the noblest materials: slate.

  • Basalto Beige
  • Quartzite Stone
  • Basalto Oscuro
  • Milos Bianco
  • Agatha Bianco
  • Strattos
  • Kalos Bianco

The finest of stones are reflected in the luxurious surface of Stone Collection: a range as beautiful as it is elegant, with a natural presence as its hallmark.

  • Natura Brown
  • Wood Ash
  • Natura Grey
  • Natura White
  • Wood Oak
  • Wood Aspen

Nordic airs and washed wood are present in the subtle finishes of Wood Collection. Cladding designed to bring warmth and authenticity to spaces.

  • Steel Dark
  • Steel Corten
  • Steel White

The cold beauty of steel sums up the essence of Steel Collection, a range of possibilities that surprises us with the incredible realism of its metallic nuances.

  • Colonial
  • Silk
  • Terrazzo
  • Zahir Perle

Deco Collection is a range created to delight the senses. A selection of on-trend materials that embody elegance and sophistication.

  • Vulcano Roca
  • Vulcano Ceniza
  • Vulcano Concrete

With an aesthetic power that emanates from its stony depths, Vulcano Collection gives off bursts of strength and magnetism that manifest themselves in the spaces which it creates.

  • Hydra Plomo
  • Hydra Argen
  • Hydra Beige

Like ivy, Hydra Collection envelops contemporary homes in a natural and relaxed atmosphere that exudes harmony.

  • Blizzard Cendra
  • Basic Black
  • Basic Antracita
  • Basic Tardor
  • Basic Capuccino
  • Basic Bone
  • Basic Neu
  • Basic Ice

Basic Collection is a homage to colour as part of contemporary interiors. Its chromatic range is a gift of aesthetic possibilities, with a spectrum that ranges from the most minimalist hues to those with a stronger aesthetic character.


The surface of this latest-generation porcelain product is available in different finishes depending on range and/or colour.



This finish is characterised by its soft touch and neutral aspect. The collections marketed in this finish are Basic, Deco, Hydra and Vulcano.



A characteristic surface of the digital decoration collections such as Deco (only Silk, Colonial and Village), Steel, Stone, Wood, Slate and Blaze.

Bush Hammered

Bush Hammered

A revolutionary texture in the ceramic sector that maximises the non-slip properties of Techlam®. The products marketed with this finish are Silk, Kalos Bianco, Graphite Stone, Travertino Bari, Strattos and Quartzite Stone.



This finish is characterised by its neutral surface. It is a characteristic finish in the Zahir Perle.

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