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Admired and venerated by architects, builders and interior designers, slate acquires new aesthetic qualities in the Techlam® Slate Collection.

The new Techlam® Slate Collection creates a whole world of possibilities in porcelain cladding, a fusion of nature-inspired colours and an unequalled touch. Ebony displays the passion of black, lightly nuanced to bring it closer to nature; Autumn, for its part, is a mosaic of ochres, oxides and golds that evoke a decadent glamour.

Slate Ebony

Opium Black

All the applications of Techlam®

Its characteristics and versatility mean that Techlam® can be used in an endless number of applications. It is the aesthetic and functional key to interior and exterior floors and walls as well as surfaces for countertops and tables, where the unique properties of porcelain material find their highest expression.

Techlam® and its applications


The 100x300 cm pieces can be cut to measure to adapt to any architectural or design requirement.

  • 100x300 cm

  • 100x150 cm

  • 100x100 cm

  • 50x50 cm

  • 30x50 cm


Discover the colours of Techlam®

The extensive colour palette of Techlam® makes this porcelain product the preferred choice for decorators and architects in creating cutting-edge spaces.

  • Blaze Dark
  • Blaze Grey
  • Blaze Snow

An industrial spirit envelops this Blaze Collection with overwhelming force. A collection with cold, contrast-filled surfaces.

  • Basalto Beige
  • Quartzite Stone
  • Basalto Oscuro
  • Milos Bianco
  • Agatha Bianco
  • Strattos
  • Kalos Bianco

The finest of stones are reflected in the luxurious surface of Stone Collection: a range as beautiful as it is elegant, with a natural presence as its hallmark.

  • Natura Brown
  • Wood Ash
  • Natura Grey
  • Natura White
  • Wood Oak
  • Wood Aspen

Nordic airs and washed wood are present in the subtle finishes of Wood Collection. Cladding designed to bring warmth and authenticity to spaces.

Techlam® Ambiences

Functionality and avant-garde

Be inspired with Techlam®


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