Whether taking centre stage or combined with other finishes, Techlam® Agatha Caramel perfectly mirrors the spectacular beauty of stratified stones.

Its depths are reminiscent of semi-precious stones such as malachite, in ochre and white tones of unsurpassed subtlety. Techlam® Agatha Caramel is the quintessential cladding for anyone seeking a spectacular effect that is not at odds with elegance. A perfect material for cladding large walls, where it acts as a contemporary art mural thanks to the complexity of its seams and tonal shifts. Small details such as cracks and crevices break up the uniformity and mingle with an intensity of contrasts to create unique spaces where monotony does not exist. Techlam® Agatha Caramel turns any space into a stage where all beauty is possible.


Light and large-format, it permits creating infinite spaces where joins are minimised. The sensation of continuity means that minimalist rooms are achieved where the porcelain floor subtly blends into the decorative setting.

  • Inalterable colours that last over time

  • Resistance to fire and heat

  • Resistance to scratching

All the advantages of Techlam®

All the applications of Techlam®

Its characteristics and versatility allow Techlam® to be used in an endless number of applications. It is the aesthetic and functional key to interior and exterior floors and walls as well as surfaces for countertops and tables, where its unique porcelain properties find their ultimate expression.

Techlam® and its applications


The surface of this latest-generation porcelain product is available in different finishes depending on range and/or colour.


A characteristic surface of the digital decoration collections such as Deco (only Silk, Colonial and Village), Steel, Stone, Wood, Slate and Blaze.

Discover the colours of Techlam® Stone

  • Kalos Bianco

  • Strattos

  • Agatha Caramel

  • Agatha Bianco

  • Travertino Bari

  • Quartzite Stone

  • Graphite Stone

  • Travertino Tivoli

  • Magma

Ambiences in Techlam®

Functionality and avant-garde

Be inspired with Techlam®


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