The silver nuances of Travertino Silver shine with a light of their own in avant-garde spaces. This Natural Stone with a historic past has retained all its magic and splendour into the 21st century.

Cosmopolitan and very on-trend, it is the perfect cladding for breathing fresh air into any space. Travertino Silver boasts a beautiful grey colour filled with silver and green nuances, with the occasional fleck of brown. The result is a different stone that swaps the warmer beige hues of its collection partners for more modern shades of grey. It thus fits wonderfully in the interior design of contemporary homes. Travertino Silver is the perfect material for cladding and decorating floors, walls and kitchen countertops with an industrial style, as it goes very well with stainless steel appliances and the lacquered surfaces of the trendiest furniture.


Its timeless aesthetic and its physical features –strong, compact, easy to polish, non-slip– make of travertine an outstanding construction material, both for interiors and in exteriors.

  • Simple care and maintenance

  • Resistance to fire and heat

All the advantages of travertine

All applications of travertine

Great versatility and variety of formats: travertines are perfect for cladding floors, walls and facades as well as for manufacturing countertops, shower trays and washbasins.

Travertine and its applications


The natural surface of travertine permits different finishes, depending on its use or application.


The most characteristic finish, one that achieves an inimitable effect that reflects light and objects like a mirror.


This finish gives the stone greater character and prominence when laid. It reflects the light, but with lower reflection. The surface is smooth.


A special treatment gives it a texture that enhances the natural properties of the stone and the aesthetic force of its seams. The surface is somewhat irregular.


The stone is presented in its natural state both in colour and in texture.

Discover the colours of travertine

The Levantina range of travertines is a veritable ode to beauty. Each and every one of the claddings shares the splendour of the stones of Roman times.

  • Travertino Vallanca

  • Travertino Clásico

  • Crema Antares

  • Travertino Silver

Ambiences in travertine

Toasted hues through the stone's natural look

Be inspired with travertine


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