• Location

    Valencia, Spain
  • Product

    Techlam® various colours
  • Segment

    Culture, Education & Sport

CEIP Número 100

Clad in Techlam® in various colours, this school in Valencia is a paradigm of modernity, both for its original and dynamic architectural design and for the use of a varied colour palette on walls and floors.

There is nothing to hint at what is behind the elegant and discreet exterior of Primary School No. 100, situated in the district of Ruzafa in Valencia: an innovative, sparkling, audacious interior. Colour is the hallmark of the construction, offering two opposing faces on the facade giving on to the street and those on the playground side. The more classic former one combines two serene hues in a weighted proportion: Techlam® Hydra Plomo in the top part and dark Green Slate in the bottom part, calmly integrating into its setting.
Inside the school complex, however, the architectural project gives free rein to light, to vibrant colours, playing with the coordinates to achieve very powerful visual contrasts. This state primary and nursery school overflows with the joy of living. The different modules that comprise it are identified with codes –green, red and blue, each one framed in white porcelain material as the necessary neutral counterpoint.


  • Basic Blau

    Basic Collection
  • Hydra Plomo

    Hydra Collection
  • Green Slate mixed with Techlam® as façade cladding

  • A magnificent range of colours for a cutting-edge construction, with Techlam® porcelain material in the starring role

  • Techlam® paints in a variety of colours an architecturally cutting-edge school

  • Techlam® paints in a variety of colours an architecturally cutting-edge school


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