• Location

    Leuchtenburg, Germany
  • Product

    Techlam® Basic Ice
  • Architect

    Michael J. Brown

Chapel of Leuchtenburg Castle

The spiritual quality of white porcelain creates an evocative play of light and shadow in the chapel of Leuchtenburg Castle. Techlam® Basic Ice makes it possible to achieve a fusion between the ethereal and the eternal.

With a minimalist soul not wanting in poetry, the chapel of the Leuchtenburg Castle church (Germany) has revealed itself to be a key project in contemporary architecture. The wide, elevated space creates the perfect ambience for spirituality while reflecting a beauty as pure as the white of its columns. Techlam® Basic Ice was the perfect choice for decking out this magical place, the work of the architect Michael J. Brown, which has been defined as “the world’s first porcelain church”. Built almost entirely from porcelain material, the eternal white soul of the columns which create the setting imperceptibly blends into the devotional, secluded atmosphere.
The thin bevelled columns in Techlam® Basic Ice around the altar reach up to a pristine white ceiling dominated by a majestic cross, which illuminates the space by operating as a skylight. Techlam® Basic Ice porcelain material adds its qualities of hardness, resilience and timelessness to the purity that is always associated with porcelain, a millennia-old material that brings added interest to contemporary architecture. Inspired in the pillars of the medieval cathedrals, the columns in the Leuchtenburg Castle chapel take the use of porcelain material to a new level in the creation of spaces.


  • Basic Ice

    Basic Collection
  • The Leuchtenburg Castle chapel marks a watershed moment in architecture thanks to the central role played by Techlam® Basic Ice porcelain material

  • Purity in white and timeless resilience. These are the qualities of Techlam® Basic Ice porcelain material, a reflection of the spirituality found in this unique space


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