Techlam® tables

Techlam® tables adapt perfectly and subtly to any imaginable dimension.

The designers and interior designers take advantage
of the 1000x3000 mm of Techlam® in order to create
new realities. Tables, kitchen furniture, doors and even
elevators are some examples where the use of this
porcelain tile finds its maximum expression in the field
of decoration. Elements of daily life that benefit from the
advantages itself of porcelain, such as its hygienic and
water-proof surface in order to increase its functionality.

  • Versatility for every space

State-of-the-art furniture in a single porcelain material. This is now a reality within our reach: its panels vibrate in a burst of colours and textures, creating spaces that are also unique, different to anything envisaged thus far.

  • Techlam® tables, a solution for any proposal

  • Functionality and beauty: a perfect tandem


  • Resistance to scratching

  • Inalterable colours that last over time

  • Resistance to fire and heat

All the advantages of Techlam®


Find the surface for work surfaces that best fits your needs.