Unobtrusive beauty, great presence and extraordinary hardness describe this stone, presented by Levantina in exotic and exclusive varieties and one-of-a-kind hues and finishes. A veritable luxury for all the senses.

The natural granites in the Levantina range are so much more than the uniform, medium-grain white and grey versions traditionally used. Ready for discovery is a rich and wide-ranging variety consisting of special sizes and exotic materials and shapes, colors and tonalities that we could not have previously imagined. Some of them, such as the granites with large-size veins, are striking and contain magnetic aesthetic power.
Among the varieties are intense, lava-like reds; black stones that look like integrated sculptural pieces; arrays of green hues with spectacular vegetation-like multicolors, crystalline-effect pinkish stones; semi-translucent or more opaque yellows in a spectrum that produces a burst of warmth and energy, impressively intense blues and browns of sublime elegance.
Such a diverse and ample range makes for endless application and integration possibilities in highly demanding decors, both indoors and outdoors. And many appealing finishes: honed, aged, polished, shot-blasted, flamed and satin-finished.

Revealing the colors of granite

The rich color variety of granite is revealed in this select range.

  • Dolomiti
  • Stromboli
  • Cheyenne
  • Sahara Nights
  • Zimbabwe Black
  • Angola Black
  • Impala Black

With its colors, the Spanish Golden Age floods this collection of black granites with solutions and applications for interior decoration.

  • Emerald Pearl
  • Blue Pearl
  • Marina Blue Star
  • Azul Platino

The hallmark of blue granites is their sense of balance and serenity, together with their hypnotic, relaxing beauty that fill a modern home with distinction.

  • Barocco
  • Baltic Brown

A connection to Nature through this range of brown granites, in a give-and-take with the chic domestic spaces they create.

  • Lennon Gold
  • Staccato
  • Giallo Ornamental
  • Napoli
  • Santa Cecilia

Yellow-gold granites boast a color palette that produces an irresistibly charming spectrum of decorative and aesthetic possibilities.

  • Crema Julia

Pink granites, often found in hotels and commercial buildings, are also persuasive when used in a domestic setting, creating a setting of hard-to-beat lyricism.


Settings in in granite

Highly personal, exclusive ambiences

Take inspiration from granite
  • Unchanging colors that last over time

  • Fire- and heat-resistant

  • Stain-resistant

All the advantages of granite

All applications

This millennial stone becomes versatile and adaptable to all surfaces in inhabitable spaces and in interior decoration. On countertops, walls, floors, facades and exterior floors (only in flamed and shot-blasted finishes).

Granite and its applications


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