Granite Applications

Granite applications are versatile and adaptable to habitable spaces and to interior decoration. On countertops, walls, floors, facades and exterior floors (only in flamed and shot-blasted finishes).

  • Granite Interior Walls

    The forcefulness of this Natural Stone invades the interior of modern homes and contemporary architecture, transformed into a stone skin that clads the walls of drawing rooms, bathrooms and kitchens with an aesthetic power that achieves an intelligent fit.

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  • Granite interior floors

    With granites, the floors of domestic spaces acquire a new decorative dimension. Exotic, exclusive, with a magnetic beauty and unimaginable hues, they singly bring a style of their own to wherever they are installed, together with valuable durability.

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  • Granite facades

    Natural granites revolutionise the constructional concept of the facades of houses and buildings, contributing their solemn elegance and a highly effective response to exposure to outdoor conditions thanks to their great hardness.

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  • Granite Countertops

    Contemporary kitchens and bathrooms discover a new decorative and functional concept with these countertops, some of them in exotic materials hailing from Africa, India and Brazil. Sculpted pieces that integrate into the space, upholding the essence of Nature.

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  • Granite Exterior floors

    Exterior floors in granite by Levantina make it possible to create modern, innovative and effective outdoor spaces. Everything is possible in them thanks to their varied formats and a chart of finishes that is rich in textures and nuances.

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Discover the colours of granite

The chromatic richness of granite is brought to light in this carefully selected range.

  • Dolomiti
  • Stromboli
  • Cheyenne
  • Sahara Nights
  • Zimbabwe Black
  • Angola Black
  • Impala Black

With its colors, the Spanish Golden Age floods this collection of black granites with solutions and applications for interior decoration.

  • Emerald Pearl
  • Blue Pearl
  • Marina Blue Star
  • Azul Platino

The hallmark of blue granites is their sense of balance and serenity, together with their hypnotic, relaxing beauty that fill a modern home with distinction.

  • Barocco
  • Baltic Brown

A connection to Nature through this range of brown granites, in a give-and-take with the chic domestic spaces they create.


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