The interior design of contemporary homes takes on an aura of on-trend elegance and wistfulness thanks to this natural granite.

Crema Julia granite is refined and sophisticated. It can create exquisite ambiences in any space in the home with its lovely heterogeneous array of black and white crystals in various sizes, reminiscent of the frozen ground at sunrise. It brings a sheen of romance to dining rooms, large entrance halls and drawing rooms, making them more appealing, and is perfect for adorning the countertops of bold and modern kitchens and bathrooms. Depending on the selected finish it is able to transmit gleaming reflections, a vintage aura or an organic effect, and it integrates well into natural-themed rooms thanks to its flexible color palette.


Agelessly refined, outstandingly tough and abrasion-resistant, this material is perfect for interiors and exteriors. Granite, with its aesthetic appeal, is also a byword for functionality and authenticity.

  • Unchanging, long-lasting colors

  • Fire- and heat-resistant

  • Stain-resistant

All the benefits of granite

All applications of granite

This millennial stone becomes versatile and adaptable to all surfaces in inhabitable spaces and in interior decoration. On countertops, walls, floors, facades and exterior floors (only in flamed and shot-blasted finishes).

Granite and its applications


Granite is one of the toughest natural stones, with a surface that lends itself to a wide variety of finishes.


This most characteristic of finishes achieves a peerless, light-reflecting effect in which objects look at themselves as in a mirror.


The stone achieves greater individuality and eminence when given this finish. It achieves a smooth surface with low-key reflection.


The texture produced by this special treatment enhances the stone's natural properties and reinforces the aesthetics of its seams. It produces a slightly irregular surface.

Bush Hammered

The product that results from this finish is rough in appearance and rugged to the touch, making it more resilient when used outdoors.


This surface treatment changes this stone's surface to make it rougher and more grainy. Ideal for outdoor use.


A finish that boosts the stone's natural veining while roughening up the surface.


A surface with a soft-touch finish and a silky appearance.


  • Crema Julia

Ambiences in granite

Exclusive and highly personal settings

Be inspired with granite


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