The white dazzle of lights In Devonian Black marble is actually caused by the fossils eternally contained in its black expanse.

Millennial seashells are captured in the perpetual stone of Devonian Black marble, its beauty underscored by faint cone-shaped shells trapped for millions of years within this gorgeous Devonian Black marble. The subtle conical shells belong to age-old, long-extinct creatures from the Orthoceras genus.They flow through the black expanse of the marble, their exquisite presence a starburst of triangles suspended in an eternal night. Devonian Black is an ideal option for the floor of a dazzling living room covered in soft white rugs, with consoles and mirrors in antique gilt vying for attention with furniture in retro-look dark wood. Equally breathtaking in a luxury bathroom or as a splendid mural, this sensational Natural Stone is the embodiment of prehistory.


Resilient, extraordinary-looking when polished thanks to its variety, richness of color and natural texture. Thanks to these qualities, marble is a favorite material among architects and decorators.

  • Colors that last forever

  • Fire- and heat-resistant

All the advantages of marble


The different textures of marble allow it to fit in with the varying trends in architecture and interior design.


This most characteristic of finishes achieves a peerless, light-reflecting effect in which objects look at themselves as in a mirror.


The stone achieves greater individuality and eminence when given this finish. It provides a smooth surface with low-key reflection.


The surface is somewhat irregular. The texture produced by this special treatment enhances the stone's natural properties and reinforces the aesthetics of its seams. It produces a slightly irregular surface.

Bush Hammered

The product that results from this finish is rough in appearance and rugged to the touch, making it more resilient when used outdoors.

Revealing the black marbles

  • Negro canfranc

  • Devonian Black

  • Royal Black

  • Negro Marquina

Ambiences in marble

Settings in marble Spaces decked out in natural beauty

Take inspiration from marble


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