Quartzite Applications

Quartzite seems to have been born to shine on the most spectacular countertops, on work surfaces of contemporary kitchens and the most cutting-edge bathrooms.

Countertops with maximum resilience and the most effortless maintenance; washbasin units that appear to come to life thanks to their Natural Stone soul. Quartzite shines with a light of its own as part of these solutions, which transform any space in a functional, classy interior.


The polished and aged finishes that quartzite countertops adopt boost their style and personality. Perfect for contemporary luxury spaces and for kitchens and bathrooms with a rustic and natural touch.



This most characteristic of finishes achieves a peerless, light-reflecting effect in which objects look at themselves as in a mirror.



The texture produced by this special treatment enhances the stone's natural properties and reinforces the aesthetics of its seams. It produces a slightly irregular surface.


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