Tile Collection Advantages

Tile Collection and its range of colored marbles come in a thickness of a mere 1.2 cm, making them more ergonomic and easier to install. They can be laid directly on an old base.

Installation is quicker and more convenient

Because the tiles are so light, they are convenient and quick to install, a major bonus when dealing with large surfaces.

  • Colors remain unchanged forever.

    It resists UV radiation, keeping its color like on the first day.

  • Fire- and heat-resistant.

    No smoke or toxic substances are emitted if affected by fire.

  • Optimizes storage.

    It is so thin that storage capacity is increased by up to 58% in each box. This means savings in transport and in storage space.

  • Better toning.

    When selecting its tiles, Levantina takes care to include material from the same quarrying sector to ensure optimized toning and evenness of color.

  • More ergonomic.

    It is so light that the material can be laid more conveniently and quickly, so capitalizing on large-surface installation.

  • Direct laying on old bases.

    Crema marfil is so thin that it can be laid on existing floors to simplify installation.

All the applications of Tile Collection

A selection of coloured marbles especially devised for interior floors and walls.

Tile Collection and its applications


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