Its wonderful seaming and heterogeneous composition, the rare hues that light up this Natural Stone all sum up the qualities of this strong material molded by nature.

Since time immemorial, this Natural Stone has been used for constructing public buildings. Temples, palaces, basilicas... all were adorned in this sedimentary limestone formed from calcium carbonate deposits. Forever considered a top-notch decorative product thanks to its manifold virtues such as important compositional qualities. It is easily worked and boasts great strength as well as spectacular beauty. An infinite variety of patterns is contained within its irregular surface scored with small hollows, subtle, changeable coloration that together with bright and whimsical veins gives it a kaleidoscopic appearance. Travertine is constantly reinventing itself, adapting to the demands of our time in terms of constructional and architectural concepts: a material that can fully integrate into any contemporary interior decors. Levantina's range is of the highest quality to suit this new functional and aesthetic reality.

Revealing the colors of travertine

A range of travertines by Levantina that extols the beauty of this marble, sharing the spendor of Roman times in each one of these claddings.

  • Travertino Vallanca

  • Travertino Clásico

  • Crema Antares

  • Travertino Silver


Settings in in travertine

Burnished tones created through the stone's natural look

Take inspiration from travertine
  • Simple care and maintenance

  • Fire- and heat-resistant

All the benefits of travertine

All applications of travertine

Great versatility and variety of formats: travertines are perfect for cladding floors, walls and facades as well as for manufacturing countertops, shower trays and washbasins.

Travertine and its applications


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