Travertine exterior floors

Floors for exteriors made from travertine are the right choice thanks to its aesthetics and its resistance, which is solid and immovable under aggressive weather conditions.

Floors that can equally deck out the surround of a swimming pool in a private residence and the perimeter of an upscale office building. This is why travertine cladding cannot fail to be present in the painstaking selection of architectural details. These exterior floors will always remain inalterable over time, and it is a pleasure to walk on almost living stone, geologically rich in the imprints of plant fossils.

  • Outdoor spaces capable of distinguishing themselves without ostentation

The entrance of a residential building where attention to detail strikes the eye. A step in the garden. The surround of a designer pool. A terrace with a view… There are many spaces in the home and its setting where travertine exterior floors acquire full significance.

  • Hardness and aesthetics, impervious in outdoors

  • Indisputable quality in exterior travertine floors

The Romans built their best public edifices with travertine marble. And there was a reason for this. Hardness, distinction and timelessness are some of the attributes that account for the fact that, thousands of years later, travertine continues to bedeck outdoor floors.


  • Simple care and maintenance

  • Resistance to fire and heat

All the advantages of travertine


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