Travertine interior floors

Travertine interior floors are a symbol of exclusivity free of all presumptuousness.

Travertines are the answer for elegant and exclusive interiors. The unique, inimitable finish of each stone surface makes for fantastic interior floors that enjoy the luxury of being covered in them. Their hues, halfway between cream and ochre, depend on the quarry from which they were extracted. For floors, the product selection with the best performance is Crema Antares or Travertino Clásico.

  • An ageless floor with the beauty of the genuine

Travertine interior floors are timeless: a small enduring luxury. Different designs can be achieved depending on the size of the pieces. Furthermore, the different finishes will customise the floor of a home in an exclusive manner.


  • Simple care and maintenance

  • Resistance to fire and heat

All the advantages of travertine


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