2017 Natural Stone Trends

Over the years we see the evolution of the interior design and decoration trends. New textures and colours come into play to give a new personality to our spaces. With the arrival of the new year we want to review the best predictions about what will be in vogue during 2017 in terms of Natural Stone.


THEME: Back to nature

This new year trends seem to lean toward some particular aspects of nature, such as serenity, balance and life. Plants motifs have find a space in our home, providing the rooms with a fresh and cozy atmosphere. The Terracota style also returns, bringing with it warm Mediterranean sensations.

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COLOUR: Greens, jewel tones and earth tones

In 2016, the vivid tones and blend of shades were the delight of many architects and decorators around the world. Pink, yellow and blue invaded the Natural Stone industry. However, this year we find a more organic scenario in which greens, earth colors (brown, yellow and red) and metallic, intermingle to give great luminosity to the spaces. Also, the jewel tones will appear in 2017 decoration trends, due to its great connection with the natural environment.

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MATERIALS: Natural Stone is stronger than ever

Without a doubt, marble was a true star in 2016. In this new year, other materials such as granite, limestones, travertines and quartzite will accompany this Natural Stone as the great favorites. In addition, porcelain materials that imitate wood or stone will be on the spotlight as well. In general, the combination of these natural materials will be used to bring a modern accent and sophistication to the home.

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FINISH AND TEXTURES: Large formats of rough texture

Among the latest interior design trends, the large tiles of Natural Stone have become very popular in rectangular form, since they give an extra of elegance and sobriety to any architectural project. Regarding the textures, the pieces that combine the natural beauty of the stone with a modern style such as rough and geometric textures, prevail.

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FLOORS: Minimalist trend

In the kitchen, the top option will be a monochromatic style creating a modern and contemporary space through this minimalist trend. In the bathrooms, we will also find this inclination to create a classic atmosphere where the same tiles are used for both the floor and part of the wall, thus giving an appearance of continuity. In the rest of the house, pieces that simulate wood continue as a prime option this 2017.

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WALLS: Murals that cover the entire space

The design of the walls leans towards past trends: Brick and metal exposed in an old loft or in a renovated industrial space will again be a trend this 2017. In addition, there is tendency towards the murals of Natural Stone that cover the whole wall resembling the purest style of the old European castles.

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The ‘marble everything’ trend had its peak in 2016. However, a reminiscence remains for this 2017’s marble tables. Luxury and glamor in equal parts, these tables have come to stay, from long pieces to small coffee tables, this year everything goes.

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From Levantina, a leading company in solid surfaces for the creation of decorative realities, we echo these trends to offer our customers avant-garde products. Stay tuned to our latest product news!

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