21st century kitchens, the heart of the home

We meet with friends, we work on our laptops or we check our tablet for a new healthy recipe on our favorite blog. Kitchens in the 21st century have gone through a greater change than any other room in the house, mirroring the transformation of current society. It is the core of the house, full of life, and a place where eating is an enjoyable pleasure.
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A hyperconnected space for friends and family


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Image source: Levantina

New societal roles and current lifestyles have revolutionized the role of kitchens in the 21st century in comparison to the rest of the household. They are the core and this evidence implies a deep change in the way we understand their use and equipment. Large, medium or small in size, these hyperconnected rooms allow all the members of the home to receive information through their TV and computer, on the Internet. Social media is an everyday tool in 21st century kitchens, even surpassing other technological systems such as home automation and smart devices. We use social media to find recipes that support a healthy diet, as well as health topics and wellbeing. Not only that, nowadays people also read content on leisure and sustainability on these information channels.

Above all, 21st century kitchens are multifunctional. They have recovered their ability to reunite the family, they are the perfect scenario for informal celebrations, and a comfortable place where children can do homework. Life happens in them at different times of day, with different purposes, thanks to decorative solutions that answer to our needs.

More ecofriendly, 100% unisex


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21st century kitchens are no longer female territory. Current society has transformed them into a household space that is shared by the partnership, although we still have some way to go. The number of men who cook daily is growing, not just as an exception, but rather as an acquired responsibility. Another change in these spaces is its functionality. Architects and interior designers see that kitchen projects prioritize practical solutions and materials, as well as high-tech performance: from thin porcelain in large format for floors and walls, to beautiful marble, quartzite and granite countertops. At the same time, they are introducing technology that is sensitive to noise and smell, that are designed to be discrete and to protect our environment.

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A new spirit has taken over 21st century kitchens: the growing green conscience of people that live in them and enjoy a healthy diet, bringing about new shopping habits. From these rooms, an ecofriendly lifestyle is encouraged, where reusing food and recycling are important pillars.

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