5 Trends in architecture that will shape 2021

5 Trends in architecture that will shape 2021

The upcoming architecture is even more global, ecological, and inclusive: open spaces, natural materials, simple lines, and decor that encourages relaxation, are a few of the features that are going to shape the architecture in 2021. ¿Would you like to know them? Here are the 5 trends highlighted for 2021:

1/ Open spaces:

For several years now open spaces have gained ground in offices and homes. Under the open space concept an improved fluidity between spaces wants to be achieved as well as to improve the use of them. Simultaneously, in offices, it improves communication fluidity and interaction between the different teams.

In terms of sustainability advantages, it maximises light between spaces and improves the integration between the different rooms in the home or office.

2/ The kitchen increases its size:

The forecasts point to kitchens being larger in the upcoming years and that they will be at the heart of the home. In fact, it´s becoming increasingly more frequent to see kitchens with an island and where their decor and materials have been carefully chosen.

The open plan kitchen offers more light and space to homes. If at one time its room space was reduced, the upcoming trends indicate that it will once again gain presence, opting for an avant-garde style that contributes to creating that open plan space.

3/ The greater presence of the bathroom

The bathroom is going to be turned into a relaxing space thanks to its new colour trends where grey, beige or pastel tones will take over. Natural materials become relevant in this space: accessories in bamboo and different woods as well as natural stone worktops and decor will restructure this space,
combining practicality and design.

Round mirrors, soft lighting, that helps to convert this space into a relaxing one, and the originality in basic elements such as washbasins and toilets, shape the trend.

4/ Luminous spaces

Luminosity will be more appreciated by property owners, architects and interior designers: both in new builds as well as renovation projects by opting to give more relevance to windows, increasing their size to achieve more light within the home.

In consequence, there is an improvement in insulation: both in quality and size as well as the cladding on homes and buildings, opting to choose prime materials to insulate  from the heat and cold. Therefore, the application of natural stone is very popular for this purpose.

5/ Carefully chosen floors and walls

The diversity is becoming more popular for walls and floors: texture variety and colour diversity, ceramics that resemble wood, polished cement and natural stone are the leading examples.

The natural materials are a trend between different fields and the home is one of them. The use of natural materials as well as being more energetically sustainable, helps to achieve that relaxing atmosphere inside our homes. We hope that these trends have helped to inspire you and generate unique spaces inside your home.

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