A Christmas decoration with children’s winks

These holidays are the favorite of the little ones. They have been waiting for it for months, they dream of these days wrapped in magic and full of unique moments. Put the tree, customize the sock of Santa Claus… If we leave them, there are many more ideas that can contribute to decorating the domestic interiors. Open the door to a Christmas decoration with children’s winks and feel almost like them.


Child decorating Christmas tree
Image Source: Ikea

Goodbye to formality


When the spirit of Christmas takes over contemporary homes, a festive atmosphere sneaks into them and the decoration dresses up. Acquire a beautiful preconceived aesthetic when dressing and decorating the rooms. Now, we are almost always the adult inhabitants in charge of thinking and deciding what staging to look like. We forget the ingenuity of the smallest of the house. Nothing like naming them official collaborators of such a fun mission. Betting on a Christmas decoration with children’s winks will bring us adorable surprises, such as generating more tender and spontaneous environments with its unmistakable footprint.

Listen to their imaginative proposals and make them a reality to surround us with nothing serious Christmas interiors. Quite the opposite. Thanks to them the stays will become more informal, they will waste humor and happiness. In addition, a Christmas decoration with children’s touches will give us other benefits that will go straight to the heart. We will strengthen complicity with the children, we will enjoy their company enough time to function as a team when it is time to get down to work. And, first of all, we will check how much fun it is to decorate the house together.


Designers for a few days


A fantastic way to begin to surround yourself with a Christmas decoration with children’s touches is to let the little ones design Christmas greetings. Surely they are unique cartoonists and more than once they have asked us to contribute their grain of sand when these parties approach. These special dates are a perfect time to show how well they are given. Without thinking of major complications, they can act as creatives with one of their favorite materials to draw and make crafts: cardboard. Next to her, some markers of gold, silver and stamps with Christmas prints will be enough to give life to her small graphic works.


Tent in the living room
Image Source: Ikea


After this success, they will surely ask us to do a few more fun tasks. They may be wishing to design small cardboard hangers with reindeer shapes and colored bears and thus populate the tree with its most beloved fauna. Or they want to jump to draw some nice cards dedicated to our guests at the gala table decorated for family celebrations. You will gain charm and warmth thanks to these nice details that will conquer the guests.

Party touches from the living room to your room


In addition, having the children of stylists and decorators for a few days will allow us to dare with bold ideas and at the same time very successful if we seek to add a spark of sympathy to the rooms. Garlands with messages or colored pom poms are ideal ornaments, they look good to preside over the main walls of the room or the hall welcoming Christmas in another way. And of course we will have achieved a decoration with children’s touches and a great personality.

In contemporary homes any interior lends itself to being transformed with these playful and colorful details. Although the room seems to be the favorite scenario, since the Christmas tree usually looks, the children’s room deserves special attention. It will be worth fulfilling their wishes: to be the decorators of their particular territory and thus spread it from the magic and fun that this celebration entails for them.


(Image source: Ikea)
(Image source: Ikea)

In it you can dump your imagination to the fullest, decorate the furniture and walls with details and objects in those shades that do not seem very Christmas but that they adore. A color palette of turquoise, purple, fuchsia, oranges … And of course enjoy your own tree, which can customize and personalize your taste, with the incentive of conceiving it as if it were a toy. Maybe silhouetted in a short hanging figures of different shapes, made of felt in a handmade plan or with a simple triangular structure.


Unforgettable snacks

During this time of the year, nothing makes them happier than preparing with them some typical cookies for these days of celebration without haste. That is why modern kitchens, equipped with state-of-the-art porcelain countertops, are erected in the vital center of the house where, due to their resistance to stains and scratching, everything can be prepared and done with children, with complete tranquility. That point of meeting and enviable coexistence where the kings of the stove face. There are many planes ahead to enjoy together.
Organize lovely snacks around the work islands or the countertops themselves: these decorative and functional surfaces are fantastic spaces to prepare sweets at ease. Another proposal that conquers adults and children is to surprise with a peculiar culinary journey: set up an edible gingerbread house decorated to your liking. It will be so beautiful that you will want to show it in a corner of the kitchen or on the dining room table. Letting the children take care of decorating our Christmas environments gives rewarding moments.

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