A healthier cuisine: Appliances that make it easier

Enjoying a healthier cuisine at home is a big step towards a healthier and green lifestyle. These two goals are easy to achieve thanks to quality ingredients and the appropriate cooking techniques, as well as a generation of helpful key appliances that, in addition, are more respectful with the environment due to their materials.

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Sous-vide or steamed

The foundations of a healthy cuisine are ingredients that are fresh, seasonal and local. Then, we need appliances and devices that use healthy techniques and don’t take away the flavor and aroma, such as steaming, which is still popular. These appliances help optimize cooking times and store the fresh or cooked ingredients appropriately. Electric steamers are perfect to prepare healthy menus daily. We can steam from potatoes to vegetables, all the way to fish, organized in different compartments.

Another easy and fast solution to steam are silicone compartments, created for individual use. They can be used in the microwave or oven to cook one single serving and have low calories. To steam in these boxes, we just need to add some water to the food and wait a few minutes. There is also the option of covering the food completely in this technique.

Healthy cooking isn’t at odds with slow cooking. Crockpots and slow cookers can be used to make stews and casseroles, as well as to steam. The technique for low temperature cooking is also gaining more traction, as it creates a healthier cuisine in homes where the appropriate appliances are present. This involves sous-vide cooking, which brings out wonderful textures in food.

Green materials

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Creating a healthier cuisine with utensils made out of ecologic materials is the perfect formula to improve our health and diet. Containers made out of bamboo, glass, cast iron, ceramic with no heavy metals, etc. are an alternative to the objects we currently use that are not as healthy as we’d like. Specifically, cooking with bamboo baskets and spoons is a sustainable option, since this material is natural and harmless.

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At the same time, storing food and drinks in glass bottles and tupperwares, and using titanium bottles, will take our healthy diet one step further, with non-toxic materials and a metal that keeps water and other liquids free of harmful chemical plastics. In the same way, traditional casseroles and sautés can be healthier if we use ceramic pans without heavy metals, and if we cook in unleaded cast iron pots, which will also help us save energy by optimizing the heat they retain.

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