A kitchen island, an absolute protagonist in an attic refurbishment

Today we present this project where a kitchen island with a Naturamia® Amarula Vintage quartzite countertop is an absolute protagonist in the refurbishment of an “open space” concept attic. Design by the interior designer Alicia Manzano Muñoz and executed by Nuarco Construcción.



Details of the wonderful roof and wooden pillars
Details of the wonderful roof and original wooden pillars


The design, being an attic, it was based on a space marked by wooden beams and pillars, and from the first moments it was a priority to maintain and enhance all structural elements. It was decided to create a timeless style, a combination between the rustic and the contemporary, that will respect those wonderful conditions, to build a small refuge of peace and comfort, full of light and seasoned with many natural details.


Old and contemporanean elements are wonderfully mixed
Old and contemporanean elements are wonderfully mixed


The kitchen, designed by Almi Kitchens, was erected in the design process as the space that would acquire greater relevance. Located in the very heart of the house, with a spectacular central island that makes the countertop the absolute protagonist of the house, this kitchen becomes the absolute protagonist, both of the design and the distribution, acting as an epicenter, around which , turn all the rest of the house. Therefore, contrasting colors were chosen, with copper details to give a touch of distinction.


The wonderful Naturamia® Amarula Vintage countertop
The wonderful Naturamia® Amarula Vintage countertop


The creator of this space, Alicia Manzano, details that: “choosing a countertop that connects all the elements was crucial, and the Naturamia® Amarula quartzite was the only one that managed to make sense of the whole space. Its green, red, black tones , white … were suitable for the whole. Its cloudy texture, with its veins and white splashes, its randomness captivated us “. The finish chosen for this Naturamia® Amarula quartzite countertop was the” vintage “, which offered total harmony with the naturalness of the house and the purity of the materials applied.


Detail of the kitchen island by Cocinas Almi
Detail of the kitchen island


Of great beauty also, worthy of highlighting, is the bare wall with bricks, which prints strength and character to the house, giving the whole a total authenticity. In short, a balanced and harmonious design and, as a whole, simply perfect.

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