A portrait of kitchens in 2020

Free of architectural barriers, kitchens in 2020 are full of style and create a beautiful scene with the surrounding spaces. High technology and functionality come together with revolutionary solutions.


marvel gold countertop
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Kitchens become closely related to other areas in the household. They open more and more to living rooms, as hybrid scenarios with an exquisite role in décor, not only for its furniture, but also for its walls, ceilings and accessories. International fairs in 2019, such as LivingKitchen in Cologne, suggest what will be the aesthetic cannons for 2020.

The living kitchen

Kitchen levantina
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In the first place we introduce the concept of living kitchen, a place that is as warm as it is functional and technological. They introduce transition elements, such as shelfs that can transform into desks or cabinets that are the perfect extension of the surrounding décor. In them, the dining table becomes, once again, the meeting place.

Kitchens in 2020 will integrate even more with the rest of the household design. Thanks to minimalist lines and clean shapes that bring about impeccable order and harmony, they adapt to the architecture of the space, whether large or small. To do so, furniture can be configured as independent elements, that will aesthetically remind us of pieces from other areas of the house. These are perfect as storage units and markers of the transition to the living room.

Elegant compositions with matte finishings hide the functional aspects of the cabinets. Most of the times the handles are hidden or the drawers open and close with easy push systems.

Nicer environments to work in


isle kitchen levantina
Image source: Levantina


Everything becomes more delicate and nicer in kitchens in 2020, regardless of their compact design. Work surfaces are finer, without losing the functional value, and countertops also come in less thickness, compared to those solutions of great thickness. They are, no doubt, the main focus, like large sculptures created in materials that encompass both beauty and high tech features: natural stones with or without veins, elegant porcelains, very pure granite, wood, and synthetic solutions that imitate the authenticity of original materials. The new proposals will be contemporary and elegant, with islands and peninsulas that bring more life and culinary activity around them.

In addition, kitchens in 2020 will make daily life easier, modeling spaces with solutions that allow to work more ergonomically and pleasantly. Higher elements, transparent fridges to see their insides, faucets that operate without touching them, removable upper cabinets and innovative extraction systems designed to fully integrate in countertops and work areas. Kitchen hoods that are attached to the ceiling or that come out will be designed to disappear when not in use.

Color as a free element


interiores cocina levantina
Image source: Levantina


Kitchen design must be timeless and, thus, it is important to incorporate color in them correctly, in the right spot. The future trend is to understand color more freely, take it to surfaces, appliances and auxiliary furniture (bar, chairs, shelves). On completely white kitchens, other primary tones (blue, yellow, red) can be incorporated. And at the same time, there will also be room for designs where saturated colors (deep blue and mustard) are everywhere, as well as more refreshing color proposals (light mint, olive, sage green).

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