porcelánico en fachadas exteriores

The benefits of using porcelain in exterior facades

Facades are an excellent place to bring the incredible properties of latest-generation porcelains to life. With their durable and weather-resistant features, these porcelains are, with good reason, among the best materials to use in architectural projects involving ventilated facades. Porcelain is increasingly in demand by architects because it offers enormous technical advantages. Most notably, it requires little maintenance, it has great wear and sunlight resistance, and it is water-resistant. However, there is ...

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Hotel renovations with Techlam® porcelain

In addition to good service and location, hotels stand out for their striking room designs and communal spaces, such as the reception or pool areas. The choice of style must be in line with the hotel’s essence and be reflected in every corner. Decor and furnishings may often change, but floors, walls, and other structural elements may not, as these would involve major alterations and costs. That is why it is ...

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