Barocco from the Granite Collection, a new, classically elegant product

The Natural Stone which comes in shades of black and brown is truly elegant and also adds a touch of exclusivity to any space it is used in. Whether it is a bathroom or a kitchen, these colours give a timeless character which lasts and remains a classic.

Barocco, our new granite in the extensive Granite Collection is truly elegant and sophisticated, the brown veins created over the age-old process of the formation of the granite are subtly married with an intense black and create a refined environment.

Barocco’s versatile range of colours means that it can be used both in spaces with a markedly classical character and also in more modern spaces where the design calls for an eclectic contrast. All these features are added to the versatility of granite which is appreciated for its hardness and easy maintenance.

It is not by chance that the name of our new material is reminiscent of an epoch in history when the arts reached their highest levels of sophistication and splendour.

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