Beauty, elegance and distinction in Levantina Fashion Night

Levantina Group launched last 26th May its new granites to be included in Naturamia® Collection. Spanish designer Jorge Vázquez presented a collection inspired in Levantina Natural Stone.

The biggest challenges arise from daring originality and the willing to break with preconceived ideas. This is what designer Jorge Vázquez thought when he got the call from Grupo Levantina with a real surprising request: to join, in an exclusive collection, the world of fashion and the world of Natural Stone.

“From the very beginning I was fascinated by the idea of getting to know, in depth, the characteristics of granite, and try to overcome its barrier of hardness in order to provide my dresses with just the opposite airiness and lightness, without losing the palette of new granites from Levantina”, the Galician designer told us at the end of the fashion show.

How was the creative process of this collection developed? “The first thing we did was to check, first hand, Levantina’s materials and then wonder what they offered: hardness, brightness, color… After that the idea appeared to create something totally opposite to the hardness of granite, very sensitive designs and transparencies but keeping the colors, brightness and reflections of these wonderful materials”.

This could not be missed in these dresses with intricate embroidery, which are part of Jorge Vázquez’s personal touch: “With this fine embroidery we convey the brightness of granite, and allows me to build a creative bridge with my last collection which was awarded in the last edition of Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week”.

The final result

Levantina Fashion Night widely met expectations. The French-style palace Casa de Velázquez in Madrid hosted specialized journalists, fashion bloggers, celebrities, distributors, customers and Levantina friends around Jorge Vázquez’s new collection.

The fashion show started with a relaxing ambient music, warm lighting and a slow-paced tempo of the models that seemed to be floating on a single catwalk manufactured with different pieces of Naturamia® Collection new granites. Jorge Vázquez has created a vaporous, light collection with personal details and a very seductive palette.

At the conclusion of the show, Grupo Levantina’s manager, Guillermo Pérez Aboy said that five out of the six new Naturamia® Collection granites come from Brazil, “specifically from quarries where only 15 pieces of this granite are extracted per month for the entire world”. There is where the exclusivity of this product lies, “which makes Levantina to be positioned in the domestic and international markets as an example of high quality, luxury ad distinction”.

These are the new granites incorporated to Naturamia® Collection:

  • Lungomare: excessive in shapes and full of sensuality
  • Bianco Trevi: of Spanish origin, characterized by its uniformity and neutral color
  • Aquabella: subtlety and ethereal personality
  • Olimpo: refined, of great beauty and excellence
  • Stacatto: soft hues and earth tones
  • White Macaubas: provides a perfect balance between sophistication and elegance.

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