Black and White, the most elegant and versatile colours

Natural stone is a high quality material which comes in a multitude of colours and makes every space not only elegant but also highly practical. This versatility has been shown over a number of years to be one of the reasons for its wide popularity among designers and interior decorators who are always looking to marry the practical with the aesthetic.

With its exclusive Marble Collection, Levantina offers a wide variety of materials to create designs and unique spaces. One of this season’s stars is without doubt the range of black and white products, two colours which have set a trend and which go with an infinite number of colours.

Canfranc, one of the materials in the black and white marble range, is a gorgeous black marble with an unusual shine extracted from just one quarry in the Aragon Pyrenees. Canfranc is an exclusive jet black marble with contrasting white veins which can be seen in spite of its stunning shine. Canfranc’s versatility means that it can be used both on walls and floors and it is an excellent choice for decorating any space elegantly and stylishly.

Argos, on the other spectrum of this collection’s colour palette, is a white marble with discreet dark-coloured veining giving the feeling of elegance which white stone always produces. This product can also be used to decorate any room from a bathroom to a dining room as Argos’s neutral qualities go perfectly with the entire colour palette.

Finally, this range of black and white marbles would not be complete without Markina, a classic and timeless marble with perfectly symmetrical geometric patterns produced by thousands of years of geological formation, which make any room beautiful. Black Markina is an excellent option for bathrooms or for a lounge whose walls need a distinctive touch which is both elegant and bold.

You can find this and other options in our extensive online catalogue at Beyond Colors by Levantina. Why don’t you look for your inspiration there now?

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