Cheyenne, a different beauty

The attraction of being different, exotic, of being so completely eye-catching. Only a few materials possess the natural magnetism which makes them the focus of attention in any room and  the exclusive granite Cheyenne is one of them.

This true treasure of nature, extracted by Levantina from the heart of the Brazilian mountains, is intensely black in colour and has characteristic white veins, making it  both elegant and striking. It is capable of giving a unique personality to any space but its ability to withstand high temperatures and its anti-bacterial and anti-stain treatments make it particularly  suitable for modern kitchens.

Cheyenne is therefore the latest new product from Levantina latest and will be its main focus for 2015. It is a product of extraordinary beauty and makes a break with the light colours traditionally associated with Natural Stone, opening up a whole range of interior design possibilities.

Being part of a design is easy, but only a very few products can manage to be the main focus of a design.  Find out more about this extraordinarily beautiful stone here.

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