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How are the countertops resistant to bacteria? Why can they maintain the most sensitive areas of today’s kitchens with the high level of hygiene and disinfection that we need? They are healthy materials thanks to their intrinsic bacteriostatic properties. Like the granite and quartzite from Naturamia®. We tell you its secrets!


1º – Free of bacteria (almost) forever


Naturamia® Nuvolato countertop in Nicolao Kitchens in Pontevedra
Naturamia® Nuvolato countertop in Nicolao Kitchens in Pontevedra (Spain)


Today, more than ever, we need bacteria resistant countertops. With the new normality of our lives, having a 100% healthy environment in domestic kitchens has become a priority. And in the same way in the world of catering where the levels of demand for cleaning and disinfection on work surfaces are even higher.

We all want to surround ourselves with materials that guarantee this prevailing need in a reality where hygiene protocols have become much stricter to combat all kinds of germs. The countertops resistant to bacteria thanks to the technology applied in its manufacturing process are key to cooking with such guarantees.


Naturamia® Staccato granite kitchen island.
Naturamia® Staccato granite kitchen island.


This is how granite and quartzite countertops from the Naturamia® collection are: their bacteriostatic characteristics are unique and last over time. Both in domestic and professional kitchens, we will only have to worry about specific maintenance to continue benefiting from such properties. If it is the one recommended by the manufacturer, its guarantee is 10 years.

The scientific reason is found in the bacteria resistant resins used in the reinforced and crystallized processes during the manufacture of these countertops. These have been developed specifically for this purpose, including silver ion nanoparticles – capable of creating a hostile environment for the proliferation of bacteria – and specific additives. A technological combination capable of granting these natural stones some bacteriostatic qualities only existing in them.

The crystallization process reinforces such a barrier in these kitchen countertops, since it removes any pores or microcracks from the natural surface that could facilitate the development of microorganisms.

2º – With aesthetically intact final finishes


Naturamia® Cheyenne granite countertop. Design by Sofía Martín Studio.
Naturamia® Amarula quartzite countertop. Design by Alicia Manzano Muñoz.


Betting on countertops resistant to bacteria without their appearance being altered. Nobody likes to give up the attractive final finish of these surfaces once they are placed in our modern kitchens, however hygienic they are. This is the case with Naturamia® granites and quartzites: there is no trace of this resin at surface level.

The truth is that its footprint disappears in the final manufacturing process, it only remains internally, and therefore, any artificial remains are removed from the surface leaving only natural stone visible. We can opt for countertops with a polished finish, with resplendent drawings and textures, or if we prefer even more personal, with a matt touch. Its bacteriostatic properties are there but not seen.


3º – A daily contact with food without risks


Every day in any kitchen is the litmus test of the best countertops. The time to demonstrate that their surfaces are healthy and act as real impassable barriers after having been in direct contact with fresh foods that are a source of germs. And also with our hands for handling when preparing meals.


Naturamia® Perla Venatta natural quartzite countertop. Design of Linea3 Kitchens.
Naturamia® Perla Venatta natural quartzite countertop. Design of Linea3 Kitchens.


In the case of counter tops resistant to bacteria from Naturamia®, a chain of industrial treatments is responsible for guaranteeing and reinforcing their properties to prevent the appearance of microorganisms when working and cooking on them. In particular, they manage to protect especially its surface and thus offer an optimal level of hygiene. First, granites and quartzites receive a waterproofing and oleofugating treatment that prevents any porosity.

Then, before leaving the factory, these natural stones are treated with the exclusive Naturamia® Protop industrial product (certified for food contact). Thanks to it, the most superficial layer of the countertops acquires a micro-film that is a bactericidal and bacteriostatic composition.

Whether at home or in the restaurant, when placing them by an installer, it is advisable for the professional to apply this product again in its domestic version. And to take special care of the most vulnerable points: extend over all the edges within sight of the worktop, in the recess, the sink area, the joints next to the ceramic hobs, etc.


4th – A resistance easy to preserve


Simple and specific maintenance is all that these bacteria-resistant countertops need if we want to preserve their efficiency to the millimeter. You just have to treat them periodically with a bath of the exclusive product Protop in your home mode.


Naturamia® Calacatta Boheme quartzite island.
Naturamia® Calacatta Boheme quartzite island.


Its mission is to reaffirm these surfaces in kitchens and thus continue using them with the maximum possible hygiene guarantees. Levantina recommends performing this task every 12 months at least to guarantee these properties, being able to increase the frequency if you want an extra protection and depending on the intensity of the use of the worktop. The process only consists of spraying the worktop with Protop, spreading the product with an appropriate cloth or paper, letting the protective bath act and evaporate and finally performing a normal cleaning of the surface after a few hours. It is the best guarantee to continue cooking and working with the effectiveness of always.


5th – Simple cleaning for a long useful life


Black granite countertop Naturamia® Cheyenne. Design by Sofía Martín Studio.
Black granite countertop Naturamia® Cheyenne. Design by Sofía Martín Studio.


Hygienic, healthy, natural … In short, the bacteria-resistant worktops of Naturamia® are a ten solution for our health when we cook at home and when the great masters of gastronomy decide to trust them.

Now, what are the requirements when it comes to cleaning them? Again these natural stones surprise us again because of how easy they make it for us. No chemicals and aggressive. Warm water and soap with neutral PH is a perfect balanced formula to leave them clean after intense daily use and care for them at the same time, without deteriorating or damaging them.

They will recover their usual beauty on our operations center in the kitchen, or on the work islands with the peace of mind of having a material that allows us to live in a much healthier domestic environment. Now it’s up to you how to choose the best countertop according to the style of your kitchen.

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