DIY ideas to make at home with children

Here we suggest you some DIY ideas to make at home with children. In these homely days, spending more time in the company of children is a real treat. A fantastic opportunity to do with them what we can never do, like creating objects with your own hands. You will form a great team and they will feel like real hands. How about starting with these DIY ideas inspired by the Do it Yourself concept?


Some nice cubes with their creative stamp

The children’s room is an ideal territory where you can begin to give shape to these creative DIY ideas, halfway between crafts and a simple DIY that you must always do for safety. Like a teacher and they are the apprentices. You will be surprised to see how fast they learn and how much they are entertained with this type of work that is so imaginative and requires some concentration.

Many times in them it is possible to recycle materials that are already at home to transform them into objects with a specific use, and that is a wonderful game for children. Pure magic! On the other hand, on other occasions it may happen that you have to handle materials and maybe some basic tools that you may not have, but they are easy to get in online stores.


(Source: Nidi)
(Source: Nidi)

How about starting by decorating the walls of your room with very original shelves? In addition to giving a fun air to your favorite space, you can take advantage of the occasion to make them sense the order. Once their ‘work’ is finished, they will become very comfortable elements to place stories, small toys, etc.

For example, make some wooden cubes with simple ribbons. Ask the children to help you glue them and when they are ready they will be in charge of painting the background in the color they like best. And if you do several, combine different shades. Surely they will be delighted with their nice multicolored cubes. If at school they are the kings of crafts, they will love another option: line the bottom of the cubes with paper or cardboard instead of painting them. That they decide. Then it will only be left to think how to hang them in such a way that they look a lot: aligned or creating more informal compositions. Shaping DIY ideas with them is that easy.


From perforated panel to original shelves for the whole house

The PEG (Peg-Board) perforated panels are perfect for posing numerous DIY ideas with children, since their multiple holes give a great game. Just by inserting into these hooks or small brackets it is possible to adapt objects where to store or have things within your reach that are light.



(Image source: pastendboard)
(Image source: Pegandboard)


A task that will captivate you is to use them to make small shelves if you want to hang them in your room, drawing with a template animal shapes. But it is also possible to create original organizers that are especially practical in other areas of the house. Hanging on the wall next to a study table, in the hall, etc.
It is very likely that you have a panel of these characteristics at home because it is a lifelong solution, originally intended to be placed in garage areas and DIY workshops. Giving them a new life with the children of official helpers will be a lot of fun with a few simple changes. For example, if they are made of wood, painting them without any other shade will suffice to renew their look: you will see how they will not look the same. Retrieve those brushes and that paint that you have in the storage room and encourage the children to paint their surface. The ideal is to give a pair of hands so that the covering is perfect, so you will have to supervise their work. The more cheerful and unusual the colors, the more original these DIY ideas will become.


(Techlam® Top Kalos Bianco: Decoal interiores)
(Techlam® Top Kalos Bianco: Decoal interiores)


These panels also have their place in contemporary kitchens, equipped with natural stone countertops with magnificent qualities that go beyond aesthetics, such as quartzites. The secrets of quartzite for kitchen and bathroom countertops are truly innumerable, including the ability to keep their elegant and mottled tones unchanged. Naturamia® or Techlam Top® porcelain countertops guarantee innovative technical features without sacrificing contemporary beauty. A perforated panel like this will become an ideal support for hanging pans, casseroles and newspaper cups. Especially if it is metallic because it will add a certain industrial air to the decoration.

A coat rack with name and surname

Another proposal that will be a success among children is to invite them to help you make a hall coat rack with the names of the family. You will surely conquer them. It is only necessary to have a piece of wood as rectangular as possible, to have enough space to write the words or the initials of all.
You can leave it in its original shape, or cut it in a zigzag on the upper side: this will make it more personal.


(Image source: Leroy Merlin)
Coat rack (Image source: Leroy Merlin)


As long as this task is carried out by you. The ideal is to visually divide the coat rack into different elements, between two and four. If they do not measure the same better, more charm. Ask them to do this step, using a tape measure and pencil, and then color each item with different shades. What a great decision! A paint for furniture with chalk effect or similar will look great and to easily spread it you only have to use a brush.

A little patience to wait for it to dry well and it will be time to write the names. Although they will be eager to see the result, it is best to write the letters first with a pencil and then go over them using a fine brush, like real painters. The important thing is that their calligraphy is of large strokes, and that they play with different colors according to the color of each element.
It only remains to put the handles that can be ceramic or wood. This task will have to be done by you, since it is necessary to use a drill to screw them into the wood. Ready to hang! Children will be delighted with this DIY idea and everyone will have their own hanger to leave their clothes when they get home.

A few toy tools for the most DIY

If your children love everything related to DIY, do not stay with the desire and design their first toy tools. There are many DIY ideas that you can put into practice with their invaluable collaboration. In order for them to participate in the project, let them take care of designing the templates with a pencil and cardboard that you will need later to make the silhouettes on a wooden board. From the hammer to the wrench, the screwdriver, the handsaw and the set square. This way they will have their own scale and will strive to make them as real as possible.
Once the pieces were cut, it would be great if they helped you glue them together with white glue. And when they are dry, suggest that they personalize them as they please. You will discover how far his creative talent goes. Of course they will never have tools as fun and special as these.


(Image source: Leroy Merlin)
Toy tool box (Image source: Leroy Merlin)


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