Elegance, versatility and different textures with Travertino Vallanca

Ideal for exteriors in its natural form or with a shiny, polished finish for the most elegant interiors.  Warm, unique and timeless. This is Travertino Vallanca, one of the most versatile marbles in our collection.

Travertino Vallanca can be used to decorate any space, both inside the home and also outside, giving a different feeling depending on how it is used. Outside it retains its original porous texture, created by the bubbles of gas trapped for years between the layers of stone in the subsoil. This finish is ideal for landscaped areas and exterior paving, whereas using it in interiors creates warm spaces, and is ideal for a large living room with an open fire.

And talking of interiors … few marbles are as elegant and exclusive as the polished version of this Travertine. This finish, which is treated with a sealant to increase its durability, is well known for the distinctive feel it gives to bathrooms with its light and white colours, and turns them into truly luxurious rooms. For other rooms in the home, its palette of creams and browns is perfect for creating warm spaces, for creating innovative contrasts with pastel colours or achieving a perfect rustic style when used with woods such as cherry or oak. Finally, Vallanca’s light and pure colours offer an infinite number of options for the fans of the most cutting-edge design.

We must all once have imagined what our dream living room, bathroom or garden would be like. Everybody’s ideal house is different, but the majority have one element in common: Travertino Vallanca.

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