Exciting interiors: a happier home

Decoration is much more than an act of beauty and functionality. It can be a therapeutic project for homeowners. A faithful reflection of how they are and what makes them feel happy under their roof. Interior designers, decorators and large firms are aware of this potential and turn to offer endless ideas and solutions in search of interiors that thrill.

Pamper the senses




When emotional decoration takes shape in contemporary homes, it is close to reaching that happiest home so longed for. That feeling that fills us with immense joy and well-being after crossing the threshold when we get home. There are no norms or academic definitions to explain what this increasingly coveted concept consists of. But a sacred law that portrays it: conceives the spaces in total freedom and says it all of those who inhabit it thanks to interiors that thrill. From his hand the rooms become more authentic and sensory, new emotional bonds are established that favor the feeling of well-being and relaxation.

That is why this decoration pampers each and every one of the senses. He uses them as the best vehicle to influence the mood of people in their daily household. Its objective is to surround itself with environments that are not only born to be seen and inhabited. Actually everything in them invites to be caressed and also the aromas and sounds matter as generators of good vibrations. From the shapes of the furniture, to the chosen color palette and the textures of the walls, the coverings and pavements inside and outside the house, the intensity of the lights, the aroma of wood or fresh flowers, etc.

Chromatic landscapes to contemplate




The world of the latest porcelain tiles is a discovery to achieve emotional decoration in contemporary homes and avant-garde projects. Both indoors and outdoors, so warm and modern. The designs and colors of Techlam® are a lesson of inspiration and a call to the senses, make it possible to enjoy chromatic landscapes to give enviable moments of contemplation.

These materials return the look to nature and its elements awakening pleasant sensations and memories of our graphic memory Its new shades visually connect with earthly scenarios full of strength, recall stormy skies and seas or revive decorative styles from other times in an updated version. A chromatic family composed of winter whites, intense browns, rusty blues, gray and evocative blacks, nostalgia-laden mosaics, etc.




Placed in open halls, more intimate urban rooms or as imposing facades, these XXL format pieces invite you to put your mind in other places and relive moments of happiness. The new designs and colors of Techlam® want to look at them again and again, brush them with your fingers or feel them under your feet when they become pavements. They were born to create domestic interiors and exteriors that thrill without losing an iota of modernity in their aesthetic discourse.

As an oasis of peace




In today’s homes, emotional decoration also seeks to generate authentic domestic oases of peace to feel freer, more comfortable and connected with oneself. There are many elements and resources that help to materialize them, discovering a new modality of well-being that contributes to feeling happier inside the home. Textile accessories in all its versions are among the favorites because with them it is possible to perceive very pleasant sensations when you are close to them. Blankets, carpets, cushions … They are ideal to be touched, caressed … They generate warmth only with their presence.

In addition, some new collections have developed a tremendous visual appeal because they evoke easily recognizable and idyllic scenes of nature, and yet surprising. His prints help to disconnect and remember special moments of life. Designs reminiscent of plowed fields contemplated from the sky, snowy land from a bird’s eye view, the magnetic surface of a calm sea, etc. With these textiles, the interiors move only by looking at them.



Details that tell everything




The motto of all emotional decoration is to conceive environments that tell a lot about oneself because they convey those feelings and attitudes that move us. And this goal opens the door to surround yourself with environments that tell personal stories, project joys and spread feelings. That is why certain decorative objects and accessories become real treasures. Family memories, inherited pieces, photographs of loved ones or essential vital moments … Everyone has room, the fact of having them close produces well-being and reveals how we are: nostalgic, vital, very familiar, etc. Those details we love are a valuable company to transform today’s homes into happy homes of the 21st century.

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