Fragments from Brazil, India, Angola… at Marmomacc Italy.

It is very difficult to not give in to the temptation to visit Verona, the city chosen by Shakespeare to tell the story of the most famous young lovers in literature: Romeo and Juliet. That is why we took some time off to indulge in a bit of tourism, but, to tell the truth, the main reason why we came to the north of Italy was Levantina’s presence at Marmomacc, one of the Natural Stone trade fairs which has become a must for any lover of interior design and decorating.

The occasion and the city certainly deserve something special, so we used it to unveil our new collection of Granite Collection Premium Edition, an exotic and surprising collection with the most exclusive Natural Stone coming from countries such as Brazil, India or Angola. The wide range of colours of the quartzites in this collection are intended to inspire both the lovers of spaces filled with light as those who are looking for more sober lines when creating their unique, personal spaces.

“Personality” is certainly the right word to describe our Granite Collection Premium Edition, and it was that idea of exclusivity which made us take something more than just a simple stand to Marmomacc and recreate a small art gallery. A corner where Monte Coto Crema Marfil, Markina and Argos showed that they are able to fill any room on their own. Would you like to see them in yours? 

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