Succeed at the table with a modern plating

It is no longer ENOUGH PREPARING very elaborate menus for guests at THE celebrations of today's homes. NOW THAT SPECIAL DATES ARE GETTING CLOSE, PAY ATTENTION, A modern PLATING will be decisive for the SUCCESS OF ANY celebration. BE ORIGINAL THANKS TO CAREFULLY DESIGNED PLATES, WORK WITH the subtlety of tones and textures displayed.   A learning lesson The visual appeal that a modern plating produces is powerful and has a lot to ...

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The emotional benefits of cooking nowadays

Happiness in a home can be found in many ways. And cooking or collaborating in the preparation of the menus is one of them. Psychologists and humanist therapists talk about the emotional benefits of cooking and consider their domestic space as an ideal environment to put the stress of frantic life at bay, foster positive feelings and much more.     Collaborative, relaxed and happy   Disconnecting and standing up to the rhythm of the ...

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