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Levantina Group is committed to using green facades to absorb air pollution.

The company is committed to EcoUrban, a revolutionary treatment for natural and sintered stone surfaces with a self-cleaning, decontaminating and antibacterial capacity, activated by sunlight and humidity in the environment.

  • This treatment breaks down polluting particles and makes the façade of a 5,000 m2 building purify the air in a way similar to a forest of 300 trees.
  • Levantina Group will present EcoUrban for the first time at the new edition of Rebuild, the largest event for innovation in buildings and construction models. This treatment breaks down polluting particles and makes the façade of a 5,000 m2 building purify the air in the same way as a forest of 300 trees.
  • The company exhibited its latest products at Rebuild. Such as its line of sustainable natural stone for outdoor use, Mediterranean Stone Collection, inspired by the quality and colours of Mediterranean architecture.

The Levantina Group is committed to sustainable construction and has recently launched EcoUrban. A treatment that can be applied to all types of natural and sintered Techlam® stone facades. This treatment can clean the air by mimicking the way forest masses absorb polluting gases. EcoUrban is designed to easily spread over the surface it’s applied on, absorbing sunlight and humidity from the environment and continuously decomposing harmful particles present in the atmosphere.

Therefore, Levantina Group’s treatment for natural and sintered stone cladding aims to proliferate green facades in cities and urban environments. EcoUrban amis to help turning buildings into allies for mitigating the impact of harmful gases and pollutants like CO2, NO2, ozone, and fine particles emitted from combustion processes on both the environment and human health. Thanks to the photochemical reaction, known as photocatalysis, triggered by this product, a 5,000 m2 facade can purify a volume of air similar to that processed by a forest containing 300 trees every year through a continuous process of decomposing polluting particles.

As well as decontaminating, EcoUrban also has antibacterial and self-cleaning properties. The company hopes these characteristics will promote its adoption in public spaces for both new and existing buildings’ preservation. This treatment ensures that sustainability and aesthetics are integrated, an effective solution against ageing and superficial deterioration of buildings.

In addition, “EcoUrban’s photocatalytic properties make dirt adhere less to the surface. Dirt removal is easy, and the rain naturally washes it away since the product has a superhydrophilic quality. Furthermore, the coating’s composition combats the proliferation of bad odours and stains from microorganisms, mould, and algae. This coating aims to achieve cleaner, healthier, and better-preserved cities.” Levantina Group’s R&D and Sustainability Director, Lorena Solar, explained.



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