Real-life stories from our female talent

Five real-life stories from five women that are part of our company from around the world, are the main characters of this video and where with it we would like to thank, as well as to give visibility, to the great work that our company´s female talent carry out.

This is how, María José, Maitê, Astrea and Veronica talk about their experience at Levantina. They are a part of our day-to-day, they are our company´s reality, and they have also contributed to the company´s progress throughout all these years. They are only an example of many other stories that make it possible for Levantina to be the company that it is today.

At Levantina we are committed to the Sustainable Development Goals number 5 from the United Nations for gender equality.

It is for this reason that we consider that the content that we present in this video can help to inspire more women and girls, so that they can choose what they really want to do.

Examples like María José Pujante, technical mining engineer, Maitê, graduate in international relations, Rosa, Commercial Rep., Astrea, warehouse operator and Veronica, warehouse manager, are, amongst others, an example that women can professionally thrive in any sector in terms of equal opportunities.

8th of March, International Women´s Day

At Levantina we want to firmly state our commitment to become a company where people, men and women, can carry out their professional potential without any differences.

“On International Women´s Day we don´t want to only congratulate women, but also all those people that make it possible with their example, proposals or initiatives to achieve a more equal future”.

Contribute to equality must be a task for all, and we can transform this world into a fairer and more equal place for us all.


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