How to enjoy a perfect brunch at home

This English food practice is a great hit at home. Getting together around the table, eating calmly in an informal setting is a sure success. It is a time to enjoy wonderful food without a rush. More and more, people organize the perfect brunch at home and invite their friends. Fun and relaxing, a delicious plan for home-made weekends.


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Breakfast + lunch = brunch


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Originated in England in the late 19th century and popular in the United States soon after, this cosmopolitan practice has taken over everyday homes and become a social and culinary event. Because it allows to meet up on Saturdays and Sundays with original food as the highlight, this trend has an increasing number of followers. It also is an excuse to enjoy the company of guests in a relaxed manner, without other commitments on the schedule. Traditionalists describe the perfect brunch as a large varied meal at mid-morning, a wonderful fusion of breakfast and lunch that grants rewarding experiences.


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These are days to be replicated, where the hosts set the meeting time, normally between 12 and 1 p.m. However, the perfect brunch has no set ending time and it can go on into the evening if guests are at ease and not in a hurry. Surprising them with a yummy cocktail list can be part of the plan.

A professional buffet


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The perfect brunch has some rules to comply with its spirit. For example, the day must have a take-it-easy vibe. To do so, it is common and easy to prepare a buffet-style table with food and beverages pleasantly arranged. A presentation with decorative intent is fundamental. Grouped by color, served on colorful platters, stacked, etc. Guests will be surprised when seeing the table. They must be awed by the assembly, without forgetting that everything must be easy to reach and ready to eat whenever they wish. Almost like in a hotel, but with a personal touch.


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The perfect brunch does not require an assortment of dishes that is difficult to find in the market nor to make. Recipes can be easily cooked a few hours before the event, with ingredients with very different flavors. One of the core ideas of brunch is to offer a variety of sweet and salty dishes, that we can identify with breakfast and lunch, as well as fresh fruit and hot beverages.


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Certain ingredients are a must in a perfect brunch. They round out the meal and have a purpose. Eggs, in different configurations: poached, over easy, hard boiled, scrambled, with bacon, etc. Bread is another key element. It will pair up with other foods that are also traditional of this type of meeting: cheese, cold meats, pate, sausages, and others served on platters. The best option is to prepare an assortment of rolls. Vegetables and salad are the closing of salty dishes. Don’t forget herbs, exotic salt and tasty oil as their seasoning. The final touch is fresh fruit, seasonal if possible.

Sweet dishes are also as important in a perfect brunch. Flaky croissants, and hot waffles and pancakes made from interesting and surprising flours, such as chestnut. Even pastries and cakes have a space if guests have a sweet tooth. Regarding drinks, it is important that the beverages pair well with the dishes: milk, freshly made juice, cold water with lime, teas, wine, beer, and even champagne at the end of the event. Until next time.

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